Breaching whale lands on fishing boat off Massachusetts coast

A whale breached in the middle of a group of fishing boats off the Massachusetts coast and was caught on camera landing on one of the vessels.

Video from the 10 a.m. Sunday incident off the coast of Plymouth shows the humpback whale breaching near multiple fishing boats and landing on one of the boats, causing its bow to dip below the water.

The operator of the boat said there were two people on board at the time of the whale encounter, but no one was injured. The boat sustained minor damage but was able to return to the boat ramp on its own power.

“The boat was in the right place at the wrong time. This could have been much worse for all involved,” Plymouth Harbormaster Chad Hunter told NBC Boston. “Children like to lean over the side of the boat to watch the fish so it is very lucky that nobody got hurt here. An incident like this is pretty rare but very dangerous to boaters.”

Hunter said crews had been closely monitoring boats on the water Sunday after another vessel was bumped by a boat on Friday.

He said the whales are being drawn to the area by the current abundance of fish — the same conditions that led to the area being crowded with fishing boats during the weekend.