Here’s Halo Infinite running on Steam Deck

Despite Halo Infinite being unsupported on Steam Deck due to “anti-cheat”, by using a new driver one owner has managed to get Master Chief’s latest outing up and running on the portable PC.

Sharing some gameplay on reddit, DanTheBloke (via exputer) explained that the latest update to Proton GE has allowed them to get online play for Halo Infinite working on their Steam Deck through the beta SteamOS.

DanTheBloke does say gameplay “can be a little janky” and there is “some clipping audio at times”. Regardless though, it is definitely still playable.

Along with this small snippet of gameplay, DanTheBloke also shared a breakdown of how to get Halo Infinite running on your own Steam Deck in the post’s comments.

So, are you tempted to give this a go for yourself?

In other news, a new novel based in the Halo universe is coming to stores on 9th August.

This book, which is called Halo: The Rubicon Protocol, will act as a prequel to Halo Infinite and tells of the six months before Master Chief wakes up and the game’s campaign begins.